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Metizo Dezign

Necklace - Blue Waves - Eco Canvas fabric

Necklace - Blue Waves - Eco Canvas fabric

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Stylish, durable, exclusive!

Are you tired of your dog's collar not holding up on adventures or in everyday life? Meet the necklace you'll never leave home without!

Easy to clean - The organic canvas used to make these necklaces washes easily and looks like new every time!

Durable - The necklaces are made of eco-canvas and polyester webbing, which gives the ultimate combination of soft and strong.

Exclusively - Designed and handmade in Latvia.


Handmade necklace durably constructed with weather resistant D-ring, high density nylon and dirt repellent and waterproof eco-canvas.

Width - 2.5 cm

Necklace - plastic buckle.


XS: 25-34 cm

S: 30-43 cm

M : 37-53 cm

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