Collection: Petgood

Petgood is a Swedish company that works for a more transparent and sustainable animal world where dogs and cats can eat healthy food without burdening the earth's resources.

Petgood was founded to offer an alternative to traditional animal protein sources, which was both healthy for the animal and sustainable for the planet.

At Petgood, we have our own experienced veterinary team who, in collaboration with small animal dietitians, develop all recipes for function and health. Petgood also works closely with universities to drive research around insect protein forward and contribute to innovation and forward thinking in the pet food industry.

Petgood are specialists in insect protein and since the beginning have gathered both knowledge and experience about what a great source of protein it is, and the feedback from their loyal customers shows the same. Petgood is also the official feed supplier to Kustmarken, who use Petgood for all their dogs and are pleased to have found a feed they can trust 100%. Try it too!