HundvÀska för hundpromenad inkl vÀskrem Svart

Our bestseller

Dog Walking Bag Teddy has become our bestseller this winter.

The bag is both cuddly and practical.

Find space for all your + your dog's things.

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Why choose Voff and Go

The dog walk, your dog's and your favorite part of the day, can be tricky. Where should I put all the things? In the pocket, the bag, the backpack, it becomes scattered and not practical.

Voff and Go has a better solution. A "Dog Walking Bag" where your dog accessories and your own products can fit together as well as matching dog accessories.

HundvÀska för hundpromenad Ice Blue

Dog Walking Bag

A bag designed for the ultimate dog walk.

  • Trendy and practical
  • All things in one bag
  • Match with various accessories