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Leash with rubber - Blue Wave

Leash with rubber - Blue Wave

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Stylish, durable, exclusive!

The specialty of the rubber leash collection is the rubber fibers that are woven between the textiles and which provide a good grip.
These leashes are comfortable and sturdy at the same time and fit perfectly even in rainy conditions.

This leash is equipped with a carabiner. It is a light but incredibly strong carabiner with a swivel eye. Since the carbine is made of materials used in the aviation industry, it has a load capacity of more than 400 kg. Perfect for leisure and outdoor activities and equally suitable for extreme conditions. Perfect for both small and large dog breeds.


Length=150 cm

Width=2 cm


This leash is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing with a width of 20mm, and the handle and hook are attached in multiple places to ensure your dog's safety.


This rubber band leashes are easy to clean. It is enough to use your hand to remove the dirt under running water, dmaterial is fantastic and gets clean in just a few seconds.

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