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Dogman Chewing sticks with deer 5p S 12.5cm

Dogman Chewing sticks with deer 5p S 12.5cm

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Yummy chew bone, perfect when you want to give your furry friend a little treat.

Chewing sticks with delicate venison wrapped on the outside. Perfect for picky or sensitive dogs! Grain-free and without added sugar. Satisfies the need to chew and contributes to healthy dental health. Always supervise the dog when it is chewing on chewing bones.

Dogman Chewing sticks with deer are 12.5 cm long and there are 5 in a package. The packaging is resealable.

Composition: Meat and animal by-products (raw hide of cattle 35%, deer 56.5%), vegetable by-products, glycerin, vegetable protein.

Analysis: Crude protein 60% Crude oils and fats 3.5% Plant fiber 1% Crude ash 3.5% Water 18%

**Chewing on chewing bones is good for the teeth and gums, it gives your dog a quiet moment of occupation. Be sure to supervise your dog when chewing on chew bones, and make sure he always has free access to water.**

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