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Dogman Tugg Bakery Collection Chewy Roll Duck

Dogman Tugg Bakery Collection Chewy Roll Duck

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Yummy Kanelbunle, perfect when you have coffee together.

Yummy chew in the form of a cinnamon bun. From rawhide and duck meat. Good when master/mother and the dog have coffee together. Satisfies the need to chew and contributes to healthy dental health. Always keep the dog under supervision when it chews on chewing bones. With Grade A duck.
Product description:
  • Chewing bones in the shape of a cinnamon bun
  • Made of rawhide with a covering of duck
  • Length - 7.5cm

Ingredients: Meat and animal by-products (raw skin of cattle 67%, duck meat 26%), vegetable by-products, glycerin, sesame.

Analysis: Crude protein 70% Crude oils and fats 8% Plant fiber 2.5% Crude ash 6% Water 16%

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